About APS

The founders of Accounting Practice Sales are CPAs who spent years buying and selling tax practices of their own with great success. Now our company has grown to be the leader in marketing accounting and tax practices across North America.

We only work with accountants and tax professionals (including CPAs, CGAs, CAs and EAs). Our independent brokers know your local market and can help you strike the best deal. Find out more about Our Brokers.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams. There are no costs or obligations to learn more!

We’ve grown through the years to serve your needs.

How we serve you
We’ll help you determine the best asking price for your firm, using our time-tested strategies. We aim at creating a price that will work for both buyer and seller.

Structuring a great deal
Practice owners and buyers often get into trouble when structuring the deal. Our brokers help mitigate confusion and make sure both sides get what they want. Want cash at closing? Need to finance? We have the answers that will help prevent these troubles from escalating into large-scale disasters.

Effective, professional marketing
We use many avenues and strategies when marketing tax practices for sale, so you can be assured that all possible buyers are touched. Our efforts get fast results.

Screening potential buyers
Because confidentiality is so important we have potential buyers sign confidentiality agreements. Our brokers work with buyers to help determine such things as their true interest, their financial ability to complete the transaction and their experience and qualifications. We do our very best to ensure that, by the time you hear about a buyer, he or she is a true prospect for you.

You know what your tax practice is worth and you have a buyer. How do you come to favorable terms? This is where we shine. The true value of a broker shows during negotiations. We can help get parties to agree or compromise, all in less time than one would expect. We have decades of experience in thinking outside the box when it comes to negotiations, bringing favorable terms to both parties, and closing deals.