Buying an Accounting or Tax Practice?

Do you know the steps to buying an accounting practice? Are you searching for accounting businesses for sale in your area? If you’re looking for accounting firms for sale, you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you’ve successfully grown your own firm, and now you want to grow through acquisition.  Or perhaps, you are looking into buying or starting an accounting practice or tax firm.  Accounting Practice Sales knows what that’s like – our founders grew their own businesses in exactly the same way.

Our brokers are dedicated to finding you the right EA, CGA, CA or CPA practice for sale – one that fits your needs with regards to size, location, cash flow, financing, and practice area.

Please visit our current accounting practice listings to find the right practice to meet your needs.  If we don’t have a suitable listing for you, we’ll work to find a practice owner who wants to discuss selling.

To get started, we need to gather some confidential information from you. Please visit the Buyer’s Inquiry.  It is free and we can place you on our notification list for new listings.

Buyer Articles

Financing an Accounting Practice

It is important from the beginning to recognize the way that purchasing a practice does not happen. The buyer does not take the full purchase price out of savings and write a check to the seller. If a buyer has that much money, he or she would not be buying himself/herself a job. Down Payment Our hope is that the buyer can come up with a s[…]

Know Your Risk

Accounting Practice Sales believes that sellers have virtually no control over the success or failure of the practice after the day of closing. The seller's job is to stop servicing the clients, to recommend that they use the buyer and to get out of the way. The buyer's actions with regard to selling himself or herself and providing quality service[…]

It Takes Two: Making the Transition Work

In the purchase of any business there is rarely any guarantee that the customers or clients will continue to come.  If you buy a McDonald's franchise today you will not get a warranty from McDonald's that customers would be there eating hamburgers tomorrow.  So why then does anyone buy a business knowing there will be risk of keeping the cust[…]

Who Should Bear the Risk Of Client Retention?

The key to a successful operation of an accounting or tax practice is client retention.  That is true after the purchase of a practice but, in fact, that is true for any practice.  All firm owners must be able to retain clients in order to survive and thrive.  In the day-to-day operation of a practice there is no guarantee that clients will k[…]

Buying a Business - 10 Things It Takes

Since statistics indicate that only about one out of 15 buyers actually buys, it is important to be able to separate the serious buyer from the others. These points offer a good indicator of whether a person is really a buyer. 1. People who are serious about being in business for themselves have to realize that they really will be the prove[…]

One Times Gross: Is that the Law?

Accounting practices are worth one times annual gross revenue. This is a belief that has been around our profession for decades and, in fact, still drives the marketplace. No one can really explain why one times gross is such an accepted formula. (The best theory is that it assumes a backdoor cash flow. Buyers believe they can achieve a certain inc[…]

What Buyers Can Expect From APS

The normal flow of the buying process is as follows: Submit the buyer's Information form by going to  Register to Buy or to the Broker for your area. There you can ask for information on particular listings. All information collected is kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our company or your area broker. The inde[…]