What People Say About APS

Strongly Recommended!

As for our experience with APS, we can honestly state that we would likely not have achieved the final sale proceeds realized, had we not employed APS. Further to that, had we attempted this sale on our own, it would have been impossible to realize the confidentiality maintained during the process or the effectiveness of APS's preliminary screening. For those two reasons alone, we would strongly recommend APS to anyone contemplating a practice sale.

Rob F.,CPA, Drayton Valley, Alberta

APS - As advertised!

In our initial discussions they indicated the higher pricing we should look at and indicated that they had a buyer that would be interested before it was even listed. True on all accounts. I would definitely recommend using them.

Glenn A., CPA, Calgary, Alberta

APS 15+ Year History

"I engaged APS based on their list of possible buyers and work history. I had been watching their website activity for the last 15 years."  

Pete C., CPA, Collin County, Texas

APS Rocks!

“The entire APS team is stellar. Their communication was super clear from the beginning to the very end and they were able to help us locate a buyer extremely fast. We could not have done this without their assistance and we would recommend their services to anyone looking to sell a book of their business or the entire practice. In short, you guys rock!.”

Tiffany J., CPA, CFP, Santa Monica, California

Thank you!

“I cannot thank your team enough. The best way clients could ever thank me was by referrals. If I ever know of any CPAs that are selling or buying, I will send them your way with absolute confidence. Thank you for a great finish to a wonderful career!"

Scott P., CPA, San Diego, California

Thank You

“My daughter, who was the CPA, was experiencing severe health challenges and was no longer able to operate her practice.  We were in the middle of packing up and closing her office by month end when we contacted Sherif and APS.  I was in shock when they had five interested buyers in a matter of days.  Sherif and APS were able to help us structure a deal and close in less than two weeks.  Most of all, they showed compassion and true desire to help throughout. I’m  grateful for having found APS!”

Janie Hanson- Brea, CA

Helped Me Comply

“Lori treated me fairly and helped me comply with bank, seller, and SBA requirements"

William S. CPA, Collierville, Tennessee

A Pleasure

“It Was a pleasure to work with APS."

Genne L., CPA, Hinsdale, Massachsetts

Second Time Seller

“This is the second time I have used APS to sell a business and have been very happy with the results both times."

Joy A. EA, Plano, Texas

Full price

“I was pleasantly surprised when we receive the full sales price upfront without any retention clause."

Walter R. CMA, Calgary, Alberta

APS is the Best

“Ryan is very trust worthy.  APS is the best. Very professional."

Joseph B. CPA, Dallas, Texas

Nice Job APS

“APS did a nice job of providing buyers.  Their assistance with this process was greatly appreciated."

Dan O. CPA, Huntington Beach, California

A Fantastic Broker

“Lori was fantastic. Had offers in the asking price range within a couple of weeks listing."

Andrew B. CPA, York, Maine

A Very Good Experience

“Over all a very good experience with the professionals at APS. I am very satisfied with the process. Will use you again!."

Andy P., CPA, Dallas, Texas

Recommendation for Job Well-Done

“I will recommend APS to my peers. Thanks."

Salim G., CPA, Miramar, Florida

Can't Go Wrong

“I would highly recommend Accounting Practice Sales, whether buying or selling a practice. I have learned by experience, these guys know what they are doing!”

William R., CPA, Huntington Beach, California

Selling Whole Practice, Not Just Clients

"Thanks again for your assistance in this process. I did enjoy the experience. I do NOT believe any CPA in Conroe has ever sold his/her practice. Usually, they sell "their clients." I am glad I started communicating with you back two years ago."

Maria Q., CPA, Conroe, Texas

Best Money Spent

"I am pleased with the way my sale turned out and am really glad I had APS list my practice. I know I got much better price and terms than I would have on my own and am happy to pay a commission-best money I could have spent. Thank you very much!"

Mark H., South Jordan, Utah

Recommendation to Sellers

"What a great group of professionals. They were virtually at my side with assistance at just the right moments to help the sale through to completion. I recommend them highly to any person who may be thinking of selling their practice."

Don M., Soldotna, Alaska

Worth Every Penny

"I couldn't have done it without APS. Excellent service! Professional and worth every penny of the commission."

Lorrie M., Townsend, Montana

Retirement is Alright

"Retirement is going great, just shot an 81 here in Palm Springs so things are looking promising. We are off to Las Vegas next week and then to Phoenix for at least two months. Lots of hiking and sightseeing as well. This retirement thing is alright."

Darcy W., CA, Calgary, Alberta

All Cash!

"Working with Wade and Gary made the sale of my practice much easier. They were able to bring me various buyers with good offers on my practice. I ended up selling for all cash and I was also able to sell the building with my practice. Wade worked with me through the entire process and I would recommend his services to any CPA wanting to sell their practice."

Darwin M., CPA, Pearland, Texas

Would do it Again

"I would do it again-that speaks volumes. Thank you for your professionalism and experience."

Ann V.. Newton, Massachusetts

Quick Sale in the Midwest

"Let's see, you helped me find a buyer that offered me what I was asking within a week....How can you top that?"

Michele S., Clinton Township, Michigan

Lots of Qualified Buyers Out West

"Initially, I was overwhelmed by the number of qualified respondents within 2-3 days of listing with APS. After receiving and accepting one of the Full Price offers, it was less than 60 days to closing! There is no way I could have achieved the same results without the assistance of APS. Thank you!"

Douglas M., Salt Lake City, Utah

Perfect Buyer Found in Ohio

"Excellent experience... I was amazed at the response we got in a short time and found a perfect buyer."

Richard J., North Lima, Ohio

Educated in Texas

"Besides giving me an education and handling details I had not anticipated Gary provided numerous qualified buyers, most of whom met my parameters. I can't think of anything more he could have done."

Richard B., CPA Houston, Texas

Happy Fort Meyers Seller

 "You answered all my questions, found multiple qualified buyers and everything was handled in a professional manner. Well done!"

Lora-Lynn C. Fort Meyers, Florida

California EAs get All-Cash

"We didn't know where to find a buyer! A local firm made an offer but we really didn't want to be tied to the practice through an earn out arrangement. The call from APS came just in time and, as a result, we were able to sell for all cash and retire care free."

Dale and Mary F., EAs, Napa, California


"Thanks a lot for the work you have done. You did a great job in finding a buyer and I have already recommended you to two other firms in town who are thinking about selling."

Douglas H., Livingston, Montana

Satisfied Oklahoma CPA

"Gary Holmes kept in contact with me for over four or five years waiting for me to decide to sell my business. I was concerned about the money, of course, but I wanted to sell to somebody that would provide service to my existing clients. We were able to overcome both of those concerns. I was very satisfied."

Richard H., CPA, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Making the Financing Work

"Anything can happen when you initiate the sale of your business! I am sure glad APS was there to pick me up when I thought all was lost. SBA can really make you jump through hoops. With years of experience dealing with similar transactions, Roy Braatz had a trick up his sleeve for every obstacle SBA put in front of me. I would definately use him again!"

Tom C., CPA, Mill Valley, California

Small Practice

"I am sure this sale is one of the smaller transactions in your practice, but I just wanted to say thank you anyway. Without your assistance I probably would not have had the success that we have accomplished the past several months. Thank you for the service rendered."

Donald Y., LPA, EA, Kalona, Iowa

CPA Buys a Practice in Miami

"It has now been one year since you helped me buy my practice. I just wanted to tell you that it has been a great year. My billings have doubled and that office has been a gem. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have met both of you."

Francisco A., CPA, Miami, Florida

Quick Sale in Florida

"I faxed my information on Tuesday at 4:30 pm. The next day I had a call and an appointment with a buyer on Thursday morning. We closed and signed papers five days later."

Richard H., Pohokee, Florida

Satisfied Buyer in Houston

"The purchase worked out very well for us, so well, in fact, that we are monitoring your e-mails for another practice that might fit in with us. We are continuing to grow the old-fashioned way but I know several ex-Anderson associates that can come help us."

Guerry D., CPA, Houston, Texas

Philosophy Works for Us

"We chose Accounting Practice Sales because of your reputation for selling firms at high multiples, as well as for your philosophy that high quality firms should sell with cash deals. You came through on both counts - well done! These three areas of APS's philosophy: fair pricing, cash terms and quick transition were key for us and I believe that they were also fair to the buyers. We have stayed in contact with the buyers and I believe they are quite satisfied with the outcome also. All in all, it's hard to imagine a better outcome."

Bill B., CPA, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Closed in Less Than 2 Weeks

"I thought it was overstated that she could possibly sell in a month.  She brought me a full price cash buyer and closed in less than 2 weeks from listing."

Gabriel M., Abilene, Texas

APS Simple and Quick

"APS said it would probably take 3 months to close and they were right on. Using APS was a simple and quick way to get the job done without a great deal of involvement on my part."

Martin M., CA,Calgary, Alberta

Sell With Professional Help

"The experience was very positive, and I felt confident at each step of the process. I can't imagine selling without professional help."

Betty F., Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Repeat Client

"This is the second time I've used APS-the first time was in 2004 to sell my practice and again at this time to purchase a new practice. Both experiences were handled professionally and I'm satisfied with the services provided."

Lois V., Fremont, California

Likes Using APS

"I have purchased and sold with APS and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Len T., Zinonsville, Indiana

Perfect Match for Monterey EA

"Thank you so much for your help with the sale. You and Jake were always available for any questions either the buyer or I had and you made the process as painless as possible! You found the perfect buyer at the right price and the transition has been wonderful! She and I think alike - in another life we'd be perfect business partners!"

Diane S., EA, Monterey, California

Great Use of Energy for Oregon EA

Working with my APS broker allowed me to spend my energy on my clients rather than potential buyers.

Anna H., EA, Oregon City, Oregon

Practice Owner from Dallas moves to Italy

"I recommend Accounting Practice Sales to anyone selling their practice. Before we knew about APS, we tried to sell our business ourselves and weren't successful. That actually turned out to be a good thing. In just a few days APS had three buyers waiting and we ended up getting about 35% more than we had been asking! My wife and I were comfortable turning our clients over to the new owners. Things couldn't have gone better. Now we're planning on moving to Italy to pursue a new dream."

Eric M., CPA, Dallas, Texas